It's About Beer; It's Not About Beer.

It's about beer because that's where it started, arguably, moonshine excepted. The Craft of Craft Brewing, like any trade or business is about the making.

The Craft Beer Movement accumulated people and money and ideas like a snowball.

And what that became and is becoming is a really interesting story. Because food and hops and "amber waves of grain" are iconic and fundamental to our existence by virtue of the fact we eat.

And drink. And when we eat and drink we talk, because the product in this case of the movement's advertising is sociability.

To make beer and mead, and ciders and crafted beverages of all kinds is to celebrate sociability.

And you can't be social if you're not alive.


And that's where our story begins. Diagnosed with cancer twice, beginning in 2003, Caroline Stallone embarked on a journey that leads us to today.

That's why she has a story to tell about the American Cancer Society and Relay for Life.

A mom and a grand mom, the leader of the pack, a full time professional and more, Caroline likes beer.

She likes the sociability. and comraderie of visiting breweries and tasting new recipes. Beer opens the door to new flavors and creative approaches in food and beverage, a world where everything is new and in the making, never completed; it's about endeavors.

And dreams. A new business, or an enhancement to an existing one, maybe pouring kombuchas or ciders, or distilling on site.

We'll be featuring an interview with Caroline Stallone on in the coming days, on how her life experiences have led her to The Craft and to "Brew with me."

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Robert Lundahl