Truth, Hope, and Dignity

On the occasion of our celebration of the New Year, We are reminded of simple and universal values. That's why President of the French Republic, Emmanuel Macron's words capture attention.

Macron, as noted by China's Xinhua News Agency stands for "Truth, Hope, Dignity."

Although many think of our professional field of advertising and communications as a moral vacuum, we have never believed that to be true, having married our effectiveness in outreach with social, environmental, and human rights contexts.

Beginning with Agence RLA films such as Unconquering the Last Frontier, we have kept our eyes on the social context and market drivers of community.

As the Latin origins of the epistemology imply, (Epistemology is the study of the nature of knowledge, justification, and the rationality of belief), the prefix "com," signifies “with,” “together,” “in association,” and (with intensive force) “completely,” and occurring in loanwords, like “commit.”

If we speak then of Communication as a profession, we are talking about us living and working together, and therefore the meaning and the message become inseparable.

We are not simply "consumers" in a world of "things." Narrow and simplistic definitions have gotten us into a heap of trouble.

Comms Research is our term for our internal development of processes and ideas, indeed, definitions that guide our work.

We work through media and their related channels to connect design thinking with designed action.

Sometimes we go out and film something or write a series of thoughts and positioning statements, then share both internally, and outside our company.

Here's an example: We were invited to lunch by colleagues to discuss business, and upon being treated to vegetables, breads, and pizza, cooked, roasted, and baked in a Red Clay Oven by Adam Uribe, we were heartened by the communication and the community engendered, deciding to explore the possibilities with Yellowtail and Pargo, local fish, sustainably raised or line caught.

Vegetables including squashes, and other roasted delights were awaiting us.

It's no secret the Food and Beverage industries are expanding with the tastes and values of our community, in a sustainable, or more sustainable direction.

Our Comms Research informs client conversations and roadmaps, collectively. This process has helped us envision and practice what we mean by Local, Authentic, and Sustainable, and guides our professional efforts on behalf of clients.

It is our commitment to the Truth, Hope, and Dignity, Macron calls into being.


Robert Lundahl is an American Documentary Filmmaker, Journalist, Award Winning Communications Consultant and current CEO of Agance RLA, a PR/Marketing company focused on supporting/proliferating responsible business practices in Environmental, Tech, Social Change and Eco-Hospitality.

Beyond a prolific list of award-winning stories and documentary films seen on PBS and worldwide, Robert has delivered unprecedented creative successes for private enterprise including companies like, Credit Suisse, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Sun Microsystems, Avatier, and Eriksson.

His films on environmental protection and Native American life comprise a unique body of work, carrying forward multiple perspectives on technology development, anthropology, and the natural sciences–in a kaleidoscopic overview of systems, ideas, and contemporary concerns.

Robert’s passion today is in orchestrating momentous PR, advertising, and cause marketing campaigns that bring a rare and authentic depth to the portrayal of innovators and creators. All Agence RLA clients are celebrated for their ability to articulate message, vision and story.

Currently, Robert develops multi-level experiences, campaigns, and stories including, “How to Start a Movement,” (Pocket Book, Hardback, E-Book), and “The Craft” television series, events, and podcasts, supporting exchanges of ideas and perspectives on the myriad ways food and beverage bring all things together. 


J. Michael Moss is a product designer, experience architect, and sustainable lifestyle provider. He is an entrepreneur and visionary business owner/operator across several fields.

Moss Research created the first 95% hydrocarbon-free surfboard in 2011 and released it to the market as "first of a kind," validated by the industry's first Sustainability Report (Tobias Shultz, UC Berkeley). 

His Sustainable design/ build landscape company, started in 2008, has shown a new path away from resource-intensive landscaping. U GROW Organics provides water conservation solutions, edible/productive landscapes and low water "Xeriscaping" mindful of productivity and land regeneration.

Jake is an event producer in food and beverage, purveyor of Ecology Temple and Red Earth Oven, musician/musicologist, artist, writer, and improvisational chef.


Adam Uribe (Wirarika, Luiseño) 

Adam Uribe meticulously crafts his “Red Earth Ovens” with his sights on the past, present and future. Cooking healthy ingredients and sharing traditional culture, using locally sourced and authentically crafted materials, in adherence to traditional culture, “Red Earth Ovens” provide limitless possibilities to create and celebrate mother earth’s gifts in the heart of the outdoor kitchen. 

Adam successfully founded and carried out a youth program called Nature’s Wonder, Native Youth Camp based in Warner’s Springs from 2005 - 2008. The focus was upon mentorship and preservation of indigenous culture and teaching Native youth practical skills relating to our environment.  

Today, Adam shares his experience as a leader and teacher creating outdoor gathering spaces that celebrate artisanship and participation around food, cultural preservation and community building. 

Red Earth Ovens offer the community gathering space that provides support and nourishment across cultural platforms. 

Robert Lundahl