Agence RLA Principal, Robert Lundahl, produced this powerfully iconic documentary with Will Griffith on Andy Warhol, seen from within the cultural context of La Jolla, California in 1968.

The drawer slowly opened to the old wooden desk, yielding a treasure. “A guy gave this to me,” my friend says, sweeping aside the dried up ball-points and various lengths of number two pencil. 

There it was, a gleaming disk, precious afterthought. And on that disk, images from another time, never before seen. In these days of recollection, the coast of Southern California was a very dream of darkness descending into paradise, on one hand, waves, hollow and perfectly shaped at Cotton’s and Wind an Sea, breakers to stoke the imaginations of 14 year olds for the rest of their lives, while overhead the wopping of military helicopters–flybys from Pendleton and Miramar.

The war was on, in the Vietnam of Hue and The Gulf of Tonkin, in our minds and on our televisions to much disagreement at home.

Operation Rolling Thunder, the bombing of South Vietnam, echoed offshore in canon-blasts from the last of the battleships, while teenage girls checked tan-lines and realtors booked the second houses of the bourgeoise of Pasadena and the East Side to sun-seekers from everywhere.

One day arrived a queer young man from New York City, in pink short-shorts, a Beatle-like blond wave breaking atop his head, and gaggle of models in tow.

Something was in the air.

No one had ever seen THAT before.

-Filmmaker, Robert Lundahl

Thank you to the Andy Warhol Foundation for Visual Arts, Marilyn Monroe Foundation, Custom Surfboards by Tim Bessell.

Freak Show: Andy Warhol in La Jolla, 1968,” Short film. Storyteller: Tim Bessell.

RESULTS; Attention garnered, partnerships formed, and exhibits staged around the world. Tim Bessell Custom Surfboards, The Andy Warhol Collection, in Vogue Magazine, and many other publications, major museums/dealers. 

La Jolla Museum of Contemporary Art, Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, The Tate (London, UK), Gagosian Gallery, Dorian Grey Gallery, NYC., StolenSpace Gallery (London).

Robert Lundahl