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Born in Pasadena, California, Robert Lundahl received his B.F.A. from the University of Oregon, and studied at the University of Southern California (Cinema Studies). 

As a student, Lundahl produced a short documentary titled "The Burden of Proof"; on the use of Agent Orange in National Forests. The film was screened for a U.S. Senate subcommittee on the environment in 1979.

Lundahl developed his skills as a location cinematographer during three years shooting nationally syndicated sports and entertainment programs for John Fabian Productions. Following,he also produced more than 100 public relations, consumer marketing and training programs and campaigns, and created several high-end films for the investor community. 

In 1989, he formed Robert Lundahl and Associates LLC, a San Francisco company creating innovative communications products and strategies. Beginning in 1997, Lundahl moved to series production with Digital Journey, an award-winning series of 39 short (3:30) programs exploring the human side of technology; its cultural, environmental, and social contexts. The series was filmed around the globe for broadcast on U.S. public television and Canada's TVO. 

Lundahl also directed and photographed key episodes including an Emmy Award-winning trilogy on "E-Commerce in China."


Lundahl also develops independent programming for television. Filmed in Washington State from 1993 to 1999, "Unconquering the Last Frontier," explores the causes and effects of the ongoing salmon crisis in the Pacific Northwest, focusing on the Elwha River. The film was released in 2001/2 and has been honored by film festivals around the world. 

The film tells the story of the Lower Elwha Klallam tribe's struggle to survive in the shadow of hydropower development.

Song on the Water takes viewers along with 50 indigenous canoes, their crews, and communities on a modern-day voyage to a traditional potlatch. Filled with beautiful photography and inspiring Coast Salish songs and cultural expressions, the one-hour film explores what the voyage means to the pullers, ground crews, and elders who share the waves, the traditions, and a vision of a positive future for Coast Salish youth. The film has been aired on public television stations across the U.S. 

Lundahl’s work with the Aguirre for (California) Governor Campaign, ”Taking Back California,” set new expectations for political advertising, introducing both “rapid response” and “ambush” video elements, informing the political campaign with massive on-line viewership. These strategies would later be brought to bear on the investigative documentary, “Who Are My People?”

Lundahl’s film on the international energy industry’s rush to build utility scale solar in the California deserts, "Who Are My People?,” released in 2015, helped change state and federal energy policy in the United States. and impacted global practices with regard to investment and technology development. The film ended the development of large scale, land intensive, solar concentrators, and supported rooftop (distributed) solar.


“Song on the Water,” Producer, Director, Cinematographer Robert Lundahl, RL | A.
“Digital Journey: Stories from a Networked Planet” Series, Producer/Director. 39 Part Global Series Robert Lundahl, RL | A.
“Architecture and the Information Age.” w. William McDonough, Producer/Director. RL | A.
“Re-thinking the Automobile” w. Amory Lovins, Producer/Director RL | A.
“Bandwidth and the Small Community,” w. Peter Schwartz, Producer/Director/Writer RL | A.
“Curitiba, The Smart City,” w. Jaime Lerner, Producer/Director. RL | A.
“The Meaning of Small Things: Miniaturization in Japan,” Sun Microsystems, Mitsubishi, Sharp, Xanavi, others. Producer/Director/Writer RL | A.
East Meets West, The Development of the Internet in China, Sun Microsystems, Institute of High Energy Physics, Beijing, PRC, NII Steering Committee. Producer/Director/Writer RL | A.


Freak Show, Andy Warhol in La Jolla, 1968” Brand Film Producer/Director/Editor, RL | A.
eCommerce in China* *Emmy Award Winner,, Sun Microsystems, others Producer/Director RL | A
Human Origins of the Internet. Brand Film Producer/Director/Writer RL | A.
Secrets in the Ice, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, Brand Film, Producer/Director/Writer RL | A. 
Climate Change Not Business As Usual, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, Brand Film, Producer/Director/Writer RL | A

Moss Research Sustainable Surfboards Producer, Director, RL | A. 
Building eCommerce in China, Tsinghua University, Sun Microsystems, others Producer/Director RL | A. 
Ben. Brand Film Producer/Director/Writer RL | A. 
Western Venture Capital in China, Sun Microsystems, Bo Feng/Robertson Feng Technology Group Producer, Director RL | A. 
Palo Verde College, “Success” Producer, Director, Cinematographer RL | A, UpEnd Communications.


SPARC: The Power of Ideas, Sun Microsystems Producer/Director RL | A
Sun Sports Sponsorships, Sun Microsystems, McLaren Racing, Sprint International, San Jose Sharks, Others Producer/Director RL | A
Building Banking Reference Architectures, National Commercial Bank of Jamaica (NCB), Fujitsu, Infosys, Sun Microsystems Producer/Director RL | A
Internet on Sun No Barriers, with Eric Schmidt, John Gage, Scott McNealy, Vint Cerf, others Producer/Director RL | A
Stantive Technologies: A Massive Shift in Thinking Producer/Director Upend Communications. Upend Communications. 8 Narrative Transformations® Products w. Lura Lee Co-Producer, Co-Writer, Director Upend Communications

Lundahl's work has earned numerous awards, including the Emmy, the International Television Association Golden Vision Award, the U.S. International Film and Video Festival Silver Screen, I.A.A.V.C' s Cindy, the Telly Award, and the ADDY®.


His productions have been screened at festivals including the EarthVision International Environmental Video Festival (First Place), the Columbus International Film & Video Festival (Honorable Mention), the International Wildlife Film Festival (Finalist), the American Anthropological Association Film & Video Festival, Hazel Wolf Environmental Film Festival, REAL2REEL Documentary Film Festival, El Festival del Riu (Spain), Great Lakes Independent Film Festival, Moab Film Festival, Anchorage Film Festival, The Northwest Folklife Documentary Film Festival, The International Film Festival of the Americas. The American Advertising Federation, ADDY, Best Interactive Campaign: Climate Change Not Business As Usual, Secrets in the Ice, Turning the Titanic videos, plus two websites Runner Up-Best Feature Film, "Who Are My People?," Tulalip Tribes Hibulb Cultural Center Film Festival, Runner Up-Best Documentary Film, 2015. “Unconquering the Last Frontier," Tulalip Tribes Hibulb Cultural Center Film Festival, Third Place, Best Documentary Film 2015, "Song On The Water," Tulalip Tribes Hibulb Cultural Center Film Festival, 2015, Runner Up-Best Directing, "Song On The Water," Tulalip Tribes Hibulb Cultural Center Film Festival, 2015, Third Place, Best Directing, "Who Are My People?”, Tulalip Tribes Hibulb Cultural Center Film Festival, 2015. Official Entry, Red Nation Film Festival, Beverly Hills CA, 2015. Official Entry, Joshua Tree International Film Festival, Joshua Tree, CA 2015.


Beginning in 2005, Lundahl's Fine Art Photography, including "On the Road to Little America.” "Over The Elwha," and other series', have been exhibited in venues such as Patagonia headquarters in Ventura, CA, BC Space in Laguna Beach, CA, and The Seed Gallery, Thoreau Center for Sustainability, San Francisco.

"Real and Imagined," Odd Art Gallery, 2005.

"Over The Elwha," Patagonia HQ, Ventura, CA, 2006, 

"On the Road to Little America," BC Space, Laguna Beach, CA, 2007, 

"Over The Elwha," Odd Art Gallery, Port Angeles, WA, 2007, 

"Invisible to the Eye," Gallerie Eduarde, San Diego, 2008


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