The Craft

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This is your chance to participate in a new documentary!

The Craft is a film and a social media story and campaign created around the history of the Craft Beer movement in California. The film is produced by Emmy Award winning Filmmaker Robert Lundahl, and Hyper Local Advertising Guru Caroline Mercado.

This charming, funny, and irreverent film is about the imagination, inspiration, creativity, and overall entrepreneurial success of the Craft Beer movement. Featuring interviews with Guild members and leaders, Brew Masters, and Pioneers, our witty, perceptive, and expressive film team examines the keys to success for any company in any field.

We hear and see the inspiration, the struggles, and breakthroughs that turned an idea into a movement. Meet the ordinary people brewing at home, hear about the taste and the aroma of magic mixtures of Hops, Yeast, Barley, and Water that spawned an “only in California” business innovation. Our soup to nuts approach brings together the originators, the developers and next wave of this delicious and social/community phenomenon.

The Craft celebrates all, the spirit of sharing and comradeship that defines this meteoric rise of small and very small businesses to the global stage.

If you are interested in participating in this documentary or have specific questions, please contact Caroline Mercado below.

Caroline Mercado
(805) 464-1058


Robert Lundahl, Writer
Robert Lundahl is an Emmy Award winning documentary filmmaker. He is the Principal with Agence RLA, LLC. Robert can be reached at this email address:; Skype: robertundahlfilms.



Robert Lundahl