The new campaign for High Times Magazine celebrating their new Pre - IPO Equity Crowd Fund offer is innovative on several levels.

First, the recognition that attitudes toward Cannabis have changed and are changing further have encouraged 30 states to embark on a path toward legalization.

It no doubt would surprise certain Cannabis users and others that the "weed" of Cheech and Chong's "Dave's not here" routine would be the stuff of Wall Street and Nasdaq, stimulating growth in technologies, products and entrepreneurism. Really it is the modern version of stoner humor to assume or giggle at the fact that Cannabis is a multi-billion dollar industry and the capture of Wall Street's interest is logically, long overdue.

High Times CEO, Adam Levin embraces the new landscape of cannabis with innovative ideas like the acceptance of payment in Cryprocurrencies. 

"As a company, we looked at all avenues for raising money," Levin said. "From an entrepreneur's perspective, one has to have looked at the growth in (cryptocurrency Initial) Coin Offerings and be aware of it. But we weren’t sure it was the right path for us necessarily. We believe that we are using some of the best elements of both (approaches) in now accepting cryptocurrencies."

High Times is supporting its cultural positioning and profile as a legacy brand through both outreach to the "base" in redefining and developing the existing Cannabis community while reaching out to new consumers.


With the lure of the "Green Gold Rush," it might be tempting to think only in terms of money, but it is the world of Cheech and Chong and the gradual gaining of societal acceptance through popular culture that brought people together in humor and community for over 40 years. And so in creating the campaign messaging, what naturally emerged was the necessity of communicating vision, mission, and values.

While many companies wrestle with their past in light of their future, High Times' community focus over the years offers tremendous appeal. Playing to this reality, barriers to investment are almost nonexistent, with minimal purchase amounts and a low share price. One example, as a consultant firm pointed out, is that High Times today is positioned much like Vanity Fair, with overwhelming celebrity support. Snoop Dogg, Montel Williams, Jaime Kennedy, Arrested Development, and others weigh in on the opportunity, on the future of the Cannabis industry, and particularly on medicinal uses - and that future is very bright.

Former President of Mexico, Vicente Fox, joined the board of High Times in recent days and this one time Coca Cola executive brings with him a policy and leadership skill set needed to guide the business into new markets as a global publishing juggernaut.

Fox explains a roadmap to legalization, focusing on key stepping stones in law, rights, and human rights that are the real indicators of how far Cannabis has come. The High Times Investor landing page presents the campaign to investors and the videos are not to be missed.


Robert Lundahl, Writer
Robert Lundahl is an Emmy Award winning documentary filmmaker. He is the Principal with Agence RLA, LLC. Robert can be reached at this email address:; Skype: robertundahlfilms.

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