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how the craft beverage movement is changing everything

The Craft is a 13 part series for digital television on the creative universe of craft beverages. The series takes us behind the scenes to meet the makers, brew masters, and distillers who are creating a new and more intricate palate, favored by lovers of creative expression in life, business, and liquid refreshment.

The Craft:  A 13 x 30 Television Series of Films. Brought to you by Agence RLA.

Anchor Brewing, Golden Coast Mead, Second Chance Beer Company, Enegren Brewing, Earth and Fire Brewing, 7Sisters Brewing, Nickel Beer Company, Star B Buffalo Ranch and Hops Farm, The Jacobs and Cushman San Diego Food Bank, Specialty Produce, O’Brien’s Pub.

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The Craft:  A Television Series of Films

The Craft is a 13 part series for digital television on the creative universe of craft beverages. The series takes us behind the scenes to meet the makers, brew masters, and distillers who are pioneering the movement toward a new palate.

Adventurous, enthusiastic, culturally creative social demographic groups are changing the way we drink, from macro “fizzie beers" and commercial wines, to the local, authentic, and sustainable.

This exciting series begins with Craft Beer and the Craft Beer Movement, and takes off to include a variety of liquids, like ciders, Mead, Kombucha, and crafted distilled spirits.

Episodes focus, also, on food pairings, a unique and personal art form that opens the doors to new taste experiences.

Beginning with Anchor Brewing, whose Steam Beer, first made in San Francisco in the 1800s, was the precursor of the modern era of crafted beverages, and the first microbrew. ”The Craft” takes us along and down the road to vegan beer, farm to table and sustainable practices, new and traditional makers, and an overall more diverse concept of what we drink, why we drink it, and how we drink it.

Anchor’s Steam Beer, Liberty Ale, and Porter ushered in this new journey to complexity in taste and experience.

Each episode highlights an individual expression of the next best drink, food pairing, and/or responsible directions in healthy business models, agriculture, and land use.

We’re positioning three years ahead of release dates, providing next generation content that leads the industry, personal tastes, and competitive markets.

The series is not about what we ate and drank last night, but what we will enjoy tomorrow.

Episodes are 30 minutes in length, conforming to broadcast specs, or digital delivery requirements.

All stories are filmed on location, at the brewery, in the tasting room, on the farm, in the restaurant, the kitchen and outdoor venues.

A pilot episode featuring CEO, Frank Golbeck of Golden Coast Mead has been produced and is available for viewing upon request.

Self described “Bee Guardian” and educator, Anna Maria Desepris, makes a memorable appearance with her hives and helps explain regenerative land practices, and sustainable business models.Many businesses in this group scale easily, with minimal investment, and “The Craft” provides a kind of "virtual mentorship" for young entrepreneurs across many fields.

Focusing on “lived values,” “The Craft” inspires makers and consumers alike as it entertains.

The universe of Craft Beer and beyond is a sometimes quirky place, and the series provides snapshots from that universe.

A sense of life and enjoyment pervades the topic, and lush imagery brings the joyous color and presentations to your kitchen at home. Not everyone is a chef, or a cook, but we all eat, and purchase food and beverages that delight our senses and celebrate the moments we remember.


A companion social media campaign, across all platforms provides in-depth entry to the conversation and novel engagement tools and participation opportunities for viewers/audiences.

Personal stories introduce episode subjects and open lines of direct and indirect communication and interaction. Thematic and curated content associated with each episode adds, expanding the reach, offering recipes and culinary and beverage insights accompanying televised content.

It all works together to provide a rich media experience that supports viewership and connected product sales and visitation to tasting rooms and aligned venues.


Responsible behaviors are the core values that support “The Craft.” Responsibility to persons relative to alcohol consumption, to the environment, water use, resource expenditures, and to community, guide us to our healthy future together.


Companion events including multiple, ongoing, “Premieres” by region, and “head to head” beer/beverage competitions are scheduled.

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